About Quilmes AC

Quilmes AC is a men’s league football(soccer) team from Richmond, Virginia. The team was formed in the fall of 2014 by Aaron Porter pulling talent from various teams within and outside of the league.

The club currently plays its matches in the second tier (first division) of the Central Virginia Soccer Association (CVSA) league. The CVSA is based on a system of promotion and relegation with two seasons a year, one from late February to early May and another from mid August to October. There are also two league cups, the Copa Bruce and CVSA Cup, played over the course of two seasons. Quilmes AC has found great success in the Copa Bruce, usually contested by teams from divisions 3-9, reaching the semifinal in its first season. After gaining promotion to the second division the club has begun playing in the top tier competition, the CVSA Cup. Though a championship season has eluded them, the team has boasted many winning seasons and has proved to be a more consistent team with every campaign.

Quilmes AC strives for quality team play. There are no ball hogs or show-offs tolerated on the pitch. Every goal is a team effort built around organization and communication between 11 committed players. High football IQ, athleticism, discipline, and most importantly commitment are hallmarks of both the players and organizational structure of this club.

We are always looking to build on our squad. Tryouts are held prior to each season, generally in June and July before the start of the Fall season and in January and February before the Spring season. If you have any general questions or are interested in joining our club please contact Aaron Porter at  porteraj2@gmail.com.

We currently have a good relationship with several teams within the CVSA with which we scrimmage in the offseason, but are always looking to diversify our offseason competition as much as possible. If you are a captain or player for another CVSA team and are looking for some good preseason competition please contact Aaron Porter at the aforementioned email address.

Quilmes AC Spring 2018